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This is gold bro.Thank you for sharing :heart_eyes:


Thank you for sharing… Good stuff.

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This man is a legend. Thank you for sharing this gem:)

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thanks bro!, this is awesome
keep going


Is anyone know how to download movies/documentaries specifically from mubi .are there any site above which host movies from mubi ?

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This post made 2021 much better

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I like the collection and the dedication. Thanks

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You can try these too.

https://kissanime.pe for Anime

https://www.kissmovies.io for movies and serials

https://kissasian.pe for Various Dramas

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Tried lots of the links given above but couldn’t find website for 1080p Bollywood and Hindi Dubbed movies and series , which can be downloaded with 2-3 clicks (without waiting long ads)
Pls suggest me any such website

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this one is for real one of the best topics I read on this website!!! thank you so much.