[HQ] Foolproof Facebook Ads Bootcamp

What You’ll Discover Inside

Foolproof Facebook Ads…

  • The exact day-by-day process my team follows to test new products on Facebook with a 66% success rate in the past 6 months

  • ​Why the “Old Way” of dropshipping is dead (and how you can utilize our simple 4-Step Process to build a super profitable e-commerce business in 2020 and beyond)

  • ​How to turn new product testing from an unpredictable gamble into a systematic business process that reliably produces winning advertising campaigns

  • ​The 1 unique type of interest that consistently crushes all others…across multiple different products and industries

  • ​The 3 main metrics I look at when deciding whether to kill an ad set (Ignoring these metrics is like throwing advertising dollars out the window…)

  • The simple mathematical equation that allows me to be profitable while all my competitors LOSE MONEY with the same exact product

  • 9 simple tools for turning everyday products into irresistible offers

  • ​The most powerful LLA type that most ecom store owners don’t know about

  • ​8x Mr Olympia’s FB Ad Scaling Secret (a.k.a. “The Blind Donkey Scaling Method”)

  • ​Why times of crisis are the greatest marketing opportunities…and how to take advantage of them

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