How To Use Kaspersky Products Forever For Free


  1. Uninstall all Kaspersky products from Control Panel (Normal uninstall), Then restart your windows.

  2. Open Run command box (Windows + R buttons from Keyboard), type Regedit then press Enter.

  3. From Registry, Go to → Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\SPC\Certificates

  4. Delete the “Certificates” Folder.

  5. Open Kaspersky Website and Download Official Free Trial Version then install it.

  6. Done, Now you have another 30-day free trial license.

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can we keep using other software’s trial version in the same way? For example EMSISoft Anti Malware app i’m talking about.

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As I have tried in Kaspersky, it works fine bro. I didn’t try in other antivirus programs.

Does this mean the product will require to be reinstalled every 30 days?

What happens to rules and personalized settings? Do they need to be setup again?

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I’m thinking again we need to set the rules and personalized settings @Sibijay dude

dope. gonna try it and see

I love the post because there is no cracking and patching includes in this post.

Keep sharing brother :heart:

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i am gonna share you kaspersky trial resetter so no need to to worry about uninstall !

DM me if someone needed!