How to Unblock Yourself If Someone Have Blocked You From WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is commonly used by most people to exchange messages and is perhaps the most used instant messaging platform in the world right now.

Almost every one of us has at least been blocked from contacting a friend on WhatsApp. In cases like these, everybody wants to know how to unblock themselves on WhatsApp.

Although there is no shame in getting blocked by someone on Social Media, it does hurt a bit and there are many possible hacks.

Here Are The Ways To Unblock Yourself

Step 1
The first step to ‘how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp‘ is by deleting your account. Open the WhatsApp messenger on your smartphone. Go to the Settings section of the app in the top-right corner.

Step 2
Tap on the Settings option and then reach the Account section of the app. It can be found immediately next to the key icon below your profile.

Step 3
Now, go ahead and tap on the delete my account option. A pop-up will now appear which will tell you that you will be removed from all WhatsApp groups and all your messaging history will be erased.

Step 4
You will then have to select the country where your phone number is registered with your account. Then tap on the orange-colored “Delete my account” button at the bottom of your screen.

Step 5
This action will take you to its confirmation on the next page of the application. Once you have deleted your account, just remove the WhatsApp messenger app and restart the device. This action will delete all the temporary cache files from your device.

Step 6
Once the above steps are done, you can then open Google Play Store and search for the WhatsApp messenger app. Use the Install button to begin the installation. Your new account will then get unblocked from all the contacts who previously blocked you on WhatsApp.

– Harish_G