How to train your mind for wealth

Wealth, in my opinion, begins in the mind. The first step toward becoming wealthy is to train your subconscious mind to attract wealth. The first step is to create wealthy thoughts in your mind. Then, secondly, turn those thoughts into actions that result in a prosperous reality.
Money will naturally come into your life if you can learn to discipline your mind to make the right decisions.
It should come as no surprise that manifesting money is one of the most common goals that people have. Most of us would like more money, even if we don’t necessarily need it. Having a little extra money would be nice. With the right mindset, it is possible to train the subconscious mind to attract wealth.
It all comes down to mindset. Every day, we are bombarded with advertisements and images of wealthy and beautiful people, which frequently portray that if we had more money, we would be more attractive. Of course, this is not true, but it is amazing what the power of advertising can accomplish.
So, Let us get started.

The truth about creating wealth is as follows: first, create thoughts that have enormous value in the world. Then, simply add action to your thoughts to make those valuable thoughts a reality.

Let us take a look at four simple steps that will help you gain wealth through your subconscious mind.

Here are four steps to help you in attracting wealth through your subconscious mind:

Step #1: Learn to Master Yourself

If you want to make money, the most important thing you should do is figure out who you are:

Nobody should be able to get you to perform better than you.

Stop considering your job to be the most important role in your life. Your job does not define who you are. Your job exists so that you can earn money to assist you in finding yourself. Your job title should serve to supplement your journey of discovering who you are, not to define who you are.
Begin to regard your life as your most important job. Set out on a mission to discover who you truly are, and challenge yourself on a daily basis with the following questions: What exactly am I? What am I doing here? What causes me to be sad? What gives me a sense of aliveness? What drives me to squander money? What makes me want to save money?

The first step toward mastering your life is becoming aware of who you are and who you want to be.
Pause for a moment. Take a look around you. Your current life is a training ground for you to become who you’re meant to be. What exactly should you be doing right now? Now put that thought into action and start doing those things! This is how you transform into a warrior in your life. You should aspire to be a warrior because warriors are the rare individuals who achieve their goals.

Begin thinking deeply about who, why, what, and how you’re here at all times. Look for hints as to why you were put on this planet. Self-mastery is the first step toward mastering everything else in your life.

Secret #2: Understand Your Environment

Once you’ve mastered yourself, turn your attention to the external environments in which you live and begin mastering them as well. Ask yourself, “Are your external environments assisting you in finding the life you seek?” Or are they stifling you?

Successful people do not achieve success on their own. They are successful because they have support groups of friends who help them achieve their goals. Wealthy people are constantly asking themselves, “Am I immersed in unique environments that will naturally push me toward my goals and dreams?” Or are my surroundings hurting my chances of achieving my life goals?

If you’re stuck in bad situations and are unwilling to change, just accept that you’re probably screwed and will not succeed in life. Hopefully, that harsh reality motivates you to get up and start looking for better environments that will help you succeed.

A great wealth-building tip is to always be willing to trade your current comfort for the opportunity to work for a better future. You’ve got this. Anyone can do it. However, in order to change your life’s future, you must be willing to endure the short-term pain of change.

Step #3: Start Solving Your Problems

One of the most serious issues in modern society, in my opinion, is that everyone is waiting for someone else to tell them what to do with their lives.
This, is why I believe most people in our society find contentment and wealth in their careers. The majority of people are waiting for someone else to tell them what to do, rather than listening to their souls and embarking on an adventure to solve their own problems.
This issue is most likely the result of how most of us were raised in our public education. Let us take an example
We are trained to do what we are told for 12 years in public school. We go to school and wait for our teachers to instruct us on what we should do. Then we go to work and wait for our managers to tell us what we should do. We become so conditioned to wait for others to tell us what to do that we stop taking action to live out what our souls want us to do with our lives.
If you want to train your subconscious mind to attract wealth, you must break free from this linear, controlled way of thinking. You can do this by taking passionate ownership of the aspects of life that you enjoy and rebelling against the aspects of life that your soul despises. Listen to your soul to discover which aspects of life you enjoy, and then go out and make more opportunities for yourself to do so!
If necessary, outsource everything else. Stop relying on others to show you the way! Become a leader and take risks in order to live the life you desire!
Reprogram everything you’ve been told, and you’ll be able to do the things you want to do with confidence. This is how you rise to the position of leader. Stop paying attention to what everyone else is doing. Separate each problem and then set out on a mission to solve each one. If you can do this, you can have wealth, happiness, and independence.

Step #4: Money Buys Freedom. Purpose Generates Wealth

There is a huge population of “rich” people out there who have a lot of money but they are not happy with life. I will tell you right now that this is not the life you are looking for.
You desire a life in which your money, purpose, and talent dance in unison on a daily basis. This is how people become really cool, unique, and enjoyable to be around. This is also how they train their subconscious to attract money with their minds. Add a few frugal living tips and knowledge on how to spend money wisely, and you can start creating your own unique style of wealth regardless of how much money you make.
Consider your life’s purpose as another human being looking for you. However, when you become sluggish, your purpose becomes sluggish as well and stops looking for you. When you lose awareness, your purpose loses awareness as well. When you give up, your purpose does as well.
Your purpose, on the other hand, becomes energized when you become energized. When you move faster toward your goals, your purpose follows suit. When you discover yourself, you will discover your purpose. Devote your life to first mastering yourself. Second, work on making your surroundings better. Third, by resolving your life’s problems, you will unconsciously discover your life’s purpose. This is how you train your subconscious mind to attract wealth, and these are the steps you need to take to get started.

How to Bring Wealth and Abundance into Your Life

When you open your mind to abundance, you open it to wealth as well. Before you can do that, you must first identify the source of any negatives or obstacles. It’s almost certainly based on your previous experiences or what you’ve learned along the way. These erroneous beliefs must be dispelled before you can begin to attract wealth and abundance. The first step is to change your beliefs and attitude toward attraction.
You should align your thoughts with the desired outcome or goal. If thoughts are held and repeated, they will eventually become beliefs. That is why you should think about the outcome as if you have already achieved it. If you accept that we are, at our most basic level, made up of energy and vibrations, you’ll realize that our thoughts are also vibrations. If you also accept the vibrations we send out, attract similar vibration, you’ll see why they need to be high or positive vibrations.
It is nearly impossible to think positively and with high vibrational thoughts all of the time. It does become easier with practice, in the same way that running a longer distance becomes easier as we practice. The best way to do this is to constantly monitor your thoughts. Bring them back to the positive when they begin to stray. When you think negatively, your vibration shifts away from your goal, so changing your thoughts to positive ones brings you back into alignment. It’s not always easy, but it’s certainly doable, and with time and practice, you’ll notice a difference. This is how you organize your mind to attract wealth.


While it is possible to learn how to attract wealth quickly, it usually requires time and practice. You must cultivate a new mindset, one in which you believe you deserve it and believe it has already occurred. Remember, it’s not the feelings you get from this that get the results; it’s you.
You’re conditioning your mind to accept a different reality. It will motivate you to make changes and take the steps necessary to move forward. Set your intentions so that you are completely clear on the outcome. As your attitude and actions change, you will find yourself in new situations and new opportunities. You make this happen; it’s your path, so make it whatever you want it to be.
It’s also important to be happy, so engage in activities that make you feel that way. When you’re in a good mood, it’s easier to make the right decisions. This is critical to getting the results you want. Don’t dwell on past mistakes; instead, learn from them and move on. It is likely that training the subconscious mind to attract money will be a slow process. Take it one step at a time, don’t get too worked up about setbacks, just correct them and keep moving forward.


Adonis is a financially independent millionaire. More specifically, he makes $450,000 a month (From business).
His investments give him an average return of 10% . In total, he makes $5,400,000 a year from his businesses alone. His investments give him 1,500,000 a year. This gives Adonis a total income of around 7 million dollars a year (rounded)

How does he make the money
He makes his money in 2 primary ways

  • His investment portfolio
    His investment portfolio is primarily in the form of stocks . His entire investment portfolio is valued around $15,000,000
  • His various businesses
    These include multiple websites he set up in his youth. His main business is a corporate company. This company works with bankers on Wall Street
    The service they provide is economic predictions based upon the geopolitical situation of a specific region.

How does he spend the money
Adonis’s money is split up in multiple ways

  • Around 50% of his income goes right back into his investment portfolio. That means he invests $3,000,000 into stocks and other items a year
  • Approximately 30% is put into his businesses. Around 2.1 million dollars is invested into his businesses a year
  • About 20% of his income is given to Adonis. Of that 20%, around 50% of it is spent on his family. This family expenditure includes things like tutoring for his children, trips around the globe, etc.
  • 25% is given to his wife. His wife can do anything she wants to do with it
  • The remaining 25% is given explicitly to Adonis. Adonis uses this money for his own expenditure. Buying clothes and things like that

I got most of the info from that post but I also added other information that I learned as well

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By adjusting to Inflation and taxes, 10% return is nothing and you’re going to broke. I’m sure, this article is writtern by non financial guy with theory wisdom which don’t work.

The best way is to ‘finding the problem, solving and making money by selling’. If you’re not capable of it, find someone who is solving the problem; invest with him. And make money.’ First one is about your bussiness and second is investing in someone’s bussiness like stocks.

Time, Energy, Health, Knowledge, ideas and experiences are too money. Use them wisely.


Did you just make a new account to mention the source of this information? :rofl:

No, but this is not funny. You can’t just copy the info from somewhere and add some para and call it your post. A mere forum post can’t teach you to get wealth, its a lot beyond that.