How To Study A Subject You Dislike

  1. Think about your why: why do you need to study this subject, what’s it purpose to reach your goals? Write that down.
  2. What’s the utility of the subject: every course has some meaning and functional use, think about this because there’s always a reason even if it’s small.
  3. Choose a specific time and day to study this course: grab your planner and choose a day and time that you will always spend on working on that subject, no excuses!
  4. Reward yourself: treat yourself with something nice once you’ve completed the work for the class, you’ve deserved it!
  5. Use different learning alternatives: this will make the studying less boring, switch things up a little
  6. Start with the basics: make sure you at least understand the basis principles for this specific course and go further from that.
  7. change your mindset and stop self-sabotaging: I know it’s easy to say “I can’t do this course” or “i really hate this subject” but make that “I can’t do this yet, but I will with hard work”. Otherwise you’ll just tell yourself it’s okay not to study for it and when you fail you’ll tell yourself “see, I’m bad at this”. So start with your mindset!

Hope this helps whoever needs it.

Take care :heart:


Step 0: Say no to procrastination :sweat_smile: