How To Speed Up Your Android Device Without Rooting

Steps To Speed Up Android Without Rooting

There are many factors that can influence your Android speed. And the methods we are going to discuss here are for non-rooted smartphones. These methods are also for those who don’t want to root their smartphone.

1.Manage Your Internal Storage

The major thing in an Android is its internal storage. It is the physical memory that an Android uses to store all the apps in it. So it’s always better to choose an Android that is having perfect internal storage capacity and second thing is to manage your internal storage perfectly.

2.Remove Bloatware

If you have RAM above 2GB then you don’t need to worry about bloatware. However, if you have less than 2GB of RAM then you need to remove the bloatware. It will show some positive effects on your smartphone efficiency. Therefore, make sure to remove the bloatware that you don’t use.

3.Clear Apps And System Cache

You Android device stores the temporary files, cache in your phone’s internal storage. If this storage space exceeds the standard limit then it can completely ruin your phone’s performance. Since you need to clear your stored apps caches to free up storage space that might boost your Android’s performance

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