How to see hidden content without replying?

Wondering if someone can help me solve this issue!


Is there any script or extension to view hidden content on websites that unlocks by replying by not replying? This replying matter is a lot frustrating. If someone can help me, I will be grateful. Thanks!

This is the javascript that I want to bypass.

Screenshot 2022-12-27 195550


Interested to know the same…

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The JavaScript code you provided appears to be a function that does nothing when it is called. It simply returns the value void('insert hide') , which has no effect on the website or its content.

oh ok but still is there a way to bypass their hidden content

Yes. With javascript there is always a way to bypass this type of hidden content.
Unfortunately for your case, the problem is that it depends completely on the code of the site (and probably its interaction with some server). Without studying the code (which nowadays is commonly obfuscated), there is no way to give any answer.

Worse is that the final goal is normally totally undeserving of such an effort.

I don’t know your use case, but you should consider another solution.


Like for example what?

Speaking with my own experience, i would suggest that the best solution is “patience” and follow the rules of the website :smiley:
These kind of trip in the rabbit hole, just because of a small irritating thing, can be very informative but normally they waste a lot of time and energy for a small fragile solution/trick.
In the long run, it is easier for one human to adapt itself to a website than the other way around.

On the other hand i can ask the question:
how would i do it, if i am in a similar situation and didn’t know programming or didn’t want to invest too much effort in this (if that is possible…)?

In this case, it is about automatically filling a text field form. One of the first things that come to mind is using an autofill extension. There are all kind of them with all kind of features.
I never used one so i cannot promote anyone of them.

But Here is a pub video of a random extension to give you an idea: Magical: Automation at your fingertips
I don’t know what browser you are using but extensions exist for pretty much all of them. Here is a list of autofill Chrome extensions

The idea is of having one or three template text with some variations that one could use at any time without having to think too much.

One could even try to find an extension that used some AI bot to autofill the inputs with “ai chatter”. That might be interesting for a web dev curriculum.
For example, ChatGPT is in the trend. I haven’t searched for it but i am sure that there should be already some extensions using ChatGPT out there for whatever reason.

Note that many browsers have some pretty good settings for autofilling form, so one might consider using them instead of an extension.

The problem with extensions is that we tend to add more and more of them just for little random reasons and they end up weighing on our browser and browsing experience. So i would be careful of them.


@aristoteles_platon You’re right dude :heart::+1:

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Yeah, ik about these extensions. But their rules are too tough.


  • reply to see the hidden content
  • Don’t spam (considered as similar text replies in every thread)
  • Spamming will result in ban

Now I understand that they did this to sop leechers, but what about the people with pure hearts? For this, they give the solution to buy their subscription, which I can’t do because of no credit card and hence no BTC wallet.

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Have you tried turning off javascript on the website and see the reaction. Or use a addblocker that will allow you to block java script or use brave browser and block javascript on the site.

yes I did but nothing happened

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I have a method that I need to test. Which website are you talking about?

Can I tell you privately? Try to understand

sure. We shall share the method o the forum if this works

Yes, share please. If it works we’ll be very helpful.