How to Rank Your gigs in Fiverr and get client?

Hi Guys Please can you help, I’m frontend developer with JavaScript and i want to earn money from freelancing like Fiverr or Upwork but there is a lot of competition and i think it’s really hard to get my first sales for my gigs and i just started ,so please help i don’t know anyone can help me for free just because i don’t have money, and you help me a lot until that day because i learn everything by your resource and i hope to land job and help other in my specialization .

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This might be useful to you…

yeah thank you very much for your replay ,
i have seen this i made some setup that might be useful but i still search in this topic #All searching i maed i have not tested yet because i don’t have tools but based in solution of other people ,
there is some method that increase your sales in Fiverr *,like use some Bots(I wish our family to help us in this )

  • for auto replay to the first message that increase your RESPONSE TIME in Fiverr (that i don’t have ) it’s hard to replay to the first message because we don’t know when client wll send
  • other methods or bots that generate 1000 of views daily to your gigs may help (also i don’t have ! ) ,
  • searching for the best gigs in specific to target keyword that maybe you will rank on it !
  • Another method like hacks Fiverr to get more sells like we do with AdSense CPA Instagram and other …

We work hard in our domain so i really want to know more and get help about this and all members will also to get some benefit in this hole web !
(Thank you very much @mr.hackx for your help i really appreciate) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: