How to prevent my email and social media account from hackers?

I’d like to know how to keep my email and social media accounts from being hacked in the future.
They send crypto and porn links through my email and social media.

Even my Telegram account was prohibited (fortunately, it was not a permanent ban).

I know the source of my problem is largely because I used mod apps on my Android, which allows them to easily enter my phone.

When I downloaded the mod application on my cellphone, I knowingly granted them permission. However, if I do not provide permission, I will be unable to utilize the application.

My query is as follows:

  1. Do you know where I can find safe to download mod apps?

  2. How can I keep a hacker from easily accessing my phone?

:grin: Thanks for reading this dumb question, even that i know most of the sources problem is me myself. Lol :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Download the authentication app and activate the 2FA authentication.

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.RBmods are trusted and I have been using their mods since a long time.


Always use virtual machine to run cracked/modded apps.

As far as keeping hackers away is concerned, Use a nice AV. EZ!!

And telegram account getting limited is because of Telegram’s new policy of wiping out the spammers. Just go to spammer bot and submit request that you did not spammed.


If I download it, they can’t hack my email and social media again, right?
Okay, I will try it.:slight_smile: Thank you very much, buddy.

@Agent_XI oke, i will try it too, :smiley: thank you.