How To Play a Sound or popup text Every Few Minutes on Windows

You always forget to do something, don’t worry, I’ll show you how to play a sound or text file popup every certain period you want to easily to remember anything

Step 1

to popup text file skip this step

you need portable soundplayer you can choose whatever software you want if you don’t have here is some
cmdmp3player : is portable music player through cmd
XMplay : another portable music player but it has own interface

Step 2

to popup text just create new text write what you want and skip to step 3

Create New Text Document
go to media player folder i use cmdmp3player
hold shift and right mouse click > “copy as path”

get anysound you want to play you can use windows sounds C:\Windows\Media
after choosing the sound you want
go to where you put sound i put in desktop hold shift and right mouse click > “copy as path”

open txt file and copy media player path first then sound file it will looks like this

Don’t put the sound path at the beginning
don’t forget the space between them or it will not run
after click File > Save AS > reminder.bat (or any name you want)
dont forget to write .bat at the end

Step 3

Open startmenu and write task scheduler

Press create task

Give the task a name
Now go to triggers > New
the repetition interval value must be 1 minutes or greater and less than 31 days
make sure its enabled

after press ok go to action > new
Make sure its start a program
and browse the .bat file
to popup text file just browse the normal text .txt file

Shot 0010
Now you are don you can find your task in task scheduler library you can always edit it and change whatever you want or delete it

note you can use this steps to run any app you want or even notepad to popup with text inside or images every certain period not only sounds
use same steps but in action start a programme find the file you want to start
Enjoy :partying_face:

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