how to limit bandwidth of wifi users

when you play some online game sometimes you find your ping jump to high and lead you to lose game or get out the game and that is so annoying right ? :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

i have find way to stop other device use same internet and limit them from use full internet speed for himself :shushing_face:


Download Selfish Net >> Click here (8.8 mb)
and follow this steps or watch images to understand fast

  • Extract RAR file
  • Go to "Redist" folder
  • you will find necessary programmes there make sure you have all installed especially "WinPcap v4.1.3"
  • after install "WinPcap v4.1.3" restart windows
  • Now go to "SelfishNet Win 7 & Up"
  • Right click >> properties >> compatibility >> compatibility mode :white_check_mark:
    select "windows 7"
    and "run this program as an administrator" :white_check_mark:
    Click Apply > OK
  • you done now you can use SelfishNet
  • after open SelfishNet click > ok and press on network discovery Capture
  • it will find other devices connected to internet auto
  • click this icon Capture2 it will analyze usage of devices
  • find the device you want to limit by ip or mac address or name
  • in "download cap/upload cap" 0 mean no limit any number you put will be max speed for device
    Ex if you put 150 in download that mean he only will use 150 kb/s as max download speed also in upload same max limit is 10.000 kb/s for both
  • also you can block any device you want just find device and click :white_check_mark: on block

the device you limited will be unlimited when your pc or internet shutdown
only devices are limited when pc opened as well as internet
if you find any problem just restart app and do limit again

if you don`t like read and lazy like me :sleeping: here is images show everything and it way easier to understand :+1:


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