How to Learn Cyber Security Efficiently? What are the Best Resources etc

Hey everyone! First of all I appreciate everything the community provides and its wonderful resources.

  1. I am doing a degree in Cyber Security, and I am wanting to know how to Learn Cyber Security Efficiently?

  2. What are the best resources available on the internet such as free resources and places to learn cyber security efficiently without wasting time?

I understand this journey takes time. i would appreciate any advice! Thanks a lot!


The number 1 rule is that PRACTICE A LOT

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@Travel_world1 Really nice dude. Keep on going. If you need resources just message me. I will give you.

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Please @Hakketee I would like to learn cybersecurity from scratch too, can you share resources with me? Thank you

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@Vorie @Travel_world1 Searching in forum gives your answers dude. our Legend @Sibijay already posted. Just go on through.


Thanks agent! definitely will practice alot!

amazing thanks alot! will check these out! @Hakketee