How to Install Windows Without USB/DVD

sometimes it take so much time to burn iso files into usb drive or you forget your usb drive i will show you how to download windows without usb

with very easy steps


You need to download windows iso and extract windows files to any folder

you can use any app to unzip iso like 7Zip or Winrar

after that follow this steps

  • press windows icon and search for change advanced startup options
    or hold shift + restart

  • press on Restart now


  • it will open the boot menu press on Troubleshoot

  • you will open Advanced Options press on Command Prompt

  • if you set password for pc type it and if you don’t set password skip or press continue



  • you will find cmd opened type notepad.exe
  • press File > Open or ctrl + o
  • make sure to select All Files not txt only
  • search for your windows files and open setup.exe as administrator
    and install windows as normal


Now you can install windows

!!! Sudden power outage can result in download failure or data loss !!!

!!! if you stuck in boot menu and can’t open anything press shift +F10 to open cmd !!!


Enjoy :partying_face: :smiley:


thanks, it will help us

I believe that this is for updating Windows installation. Yes/No?

sry for slow response
with this steps you will be able to install a fresh clean windows like you do with usb drive if you want to update windows you don’t need to do all of that just open setup.exe and you will be able to update


Bookmarked, thanks for sharing!