How to increase the Trustpilot review?

Can anyone share how we can increase the number of reviews on Trustpilot? I’ve been trying to invite paid users to write a review by sending them the link, but none of them give a review after 2000 automated emails.

By providing good and quality product and services. :slight_smile:


First way is provide them quality service/product and get the real reviews. But this is slow and tidy process. Sometimes, you may even get bad reviews though it’s hurts user sentiment, it also helps you to figure out what’s wrong with service/product. Understand what Elon Musk said about criticism, “A well thought out critique of whatever you’re doing is as valuable as gold.””. He compared constructive criticism as gold.

Second way is to get fake reviews by paying. This is fast and easy process. To do that, use Even for 0.10$. you’ll get the people who writes reviews and give 5 star rating. Sometimes, these reviews are irrelevant as paid reviewers have no idea or real experience with your service/product. So, even provide them the review content with different variations as you have good experience with your product.

Ps. I worked for this site for more than a year and it’s genuine. Also remember the better you pay, the better review you’ll get. Even in this site, first understand site and then invest. Their FAQ | Microworkers - work & earn or offer a micro job, you must read this and proceed. All the best!


Thanks for sharing, Josh. I found this website very useful, the price is much lower than Fiverr. Cheers!

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let me know of a genuine review website free of fake reviews thanks

this post is not about genuine and fake reviews.

asking for website that has a better quality check over such reviews.

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