How To Get Wifi Password Using Only CMD Command

  1. Open command prompt as administator.
  2. Copy and paste this into the cmd: netsh wlan show profiles
  3. Paste this into cmd: netsh wlan show profiles (The name of the wifi you want to know the password for) key=content
  4. Then look for “Key Content” and there is the password!

Note : Make sure you don’t also type these: “()” in the wifi name.


And that’s it? U mean I simple enter this in powershell and I find out the wifi password?

Too simple to be true. :thinking:

But thanks for the share anyways.

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It only shows the network that u are already connected to and its password. of course, not other networks. .


this is not working for me :skull:
also i think using control panel u can find the current connected wifi pass

it is not showing the pass at all

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key=content doesn’t work for me…
I have used key=clear and it always worked

netsh wlan show profiles “wifi name” key=clear


Okay. Thank you for the share

I wont help plaes i,m new her

Hi, welcome to the forums. What help do you want with regards to Wifi passwords?