How to get Unlimited Google Drive Storage

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I’ve seen so many posts regarding shared drives and unlimited storage.

Here is my contribution to this topic.

Follow these steps:


2: Start

3: It will ask for Email Address. Enter your email address where you want to create a shared drive

4: It will ask for a shared drive name. Name anything you want.

5: All done! Boom!

Now You can upload unlimited courses and educational materials and contribute to this family.

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Nice method but telegram doesn’t work in my country :disappointed_relieved:


which country r u from

Update on recent situation

Please read full

Yes please read full

  1. You might have heard of Google enforcing new policies from now.

If you donno the new policies, read below ( :point_down: I will make it quick)

:star: An organization (University) can only have max 100TB pooled storage including Shared Drives

:star: By default new shared drives creation will be turned off on all edu user/ student accounts .

:star: By default all user/ student accounts both personal and Shared Drives will be limited to just (100GB)

:star: It doesn’t mean the shared drives or the user account already created wont be affected, on January 23 these restrictions will be applied to each and every account, but later organization admins can change it .

2.How does it affect us ?

:star: We already are seeing the affect. Uploads are getting restricted! And starting January 23 2023, more restrictions which google stated are anticipated.

3.Is this only happening to MSGSUITE Shared Drives ?

:star: No its for all of the shared drives and education user/ student accounts.

4.Will creating more than one shared drive help ??

:star: No it wont help, as it will still be counted under 100TB pooled storage, so there is no point creating 100s of shared drives to bypass 100GB restrictions.

  1. This might be the end of EDU shared drives / accounts

Ik but they haven’t yet enforced it fully. It is yet to go.

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thanks for the update. great share.


thanks a lot, indeed a great share

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Can you share their (big G) link regarding this update? Thanks.

Create a Private Group on Telegram, Add 1 Friend then remove them. It will work as Note. Upload Files on that Group to be saved for Longer time & as this Group is Private, You will only have Access. For more file sizes, reduces in bits & upload or get Telegram Premium to upload more sizes. Enjoy :heart:


Nothing is free in this world :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. So, if you have money :moneybag: just buy it ( Only if privacy is important). Otherwise you guys can use anything else that’s free.


Use vpn and download telegram from third party site and use it

No need to create a group. You can create channel instead. I’m using channels as a cloud storage :grin:

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my phonne number was banned. trying to get textnow premium

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it worked for me , Thank you :heart:

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Wow nice and perfect work!!!

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