How To Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage Lifetime Free | [100% WORKING]

In this video, i am going to show you that How to Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage Lifetime Free in 2021

  • You can watch the video from here :

Or just Click this to generate without having to watch the whole video,


I’m sorry for the trouble I’m causing you but I’m a simple man who likes to read rather than watch a video to find a single link. Also, I want others to save time.


thank you :slight_smile: it’s working :slight_smile:

The video does not work!

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Try the link instead. Still works.

will try that thanks.

Please someone tell me more about this , what is this actually and how it works. Thanks in advance.

Useful sharing. It worked.

I thinks it’s a Google Shared Drive Storage.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: :grinning:

Any proof to back up your claim?

You’re obviously new here and I don’t know what your aim is, but don’t go slandering site’s reputation just because you’re bored.

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hey , can you plz tell ous how this shared / team drive work , are they safe to store date for long period of time or just for few days . i have one , it tells some college name but i am the only member it has , so it is possible that it can be deleted by college mentioned or only i can delete it as i am the only member it has?

I’ll try to keep it short while trying to clear all your doubts.

There are two types of such generated TD’s - Educational and Enterprise. Most of the TD’s belong to some educational Institutions, since google drive is free for edu. The limit is 400K files with maximum of 5TB each file.

They are the opposite of safe. Even if you are the manager and the only member, the admins of the institute has the rights to look / delete / edit the Drive. Which is why it’s unsafe. Your drive can be nuked (removed) anytime if the admin wished for it. If you plan to store non-personal data, do make multiple copies in different drives.

This being said, all these apply only till JULY 2022. Google plans to change unlimited access to limited: 100 TB per institute, which is clearly not enough. So all the current drives will most probably be purged. As for new policy, no one knows what happens next.

Now send me 500 bucks for clearing all your doubts :wink:


i can trade one like for now .

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Hey ,Can you please tell something about mega and bypassing its import using script . will the account created using script and are capable of storing up to TB’s of data , will it remain if I have my own separate account using script ( not paid one ) or it will be deleted by mega cloud storage authority like google shared drive .


If you are telling about Mega then let you know, Mega was started by a person like us - hacker community, many have in pasts made scripts & other software. While Mega keeps eyes on this, they are active on reddit- a social media for hackers you can say. And many use paid mega services after trying and trying, no fruits

But, yes there are few tricks which works now

  1. Trick 1 - Get Mega Premium & Chill
  2. Trick 2 - Using VPN & softwares like Megadownloader, MegaBastard etc , you can find the method in this forum too
  3. Trick 3 - Filling more than belly of Mega, this gets your account banned, can use but i advice don’t

Since, many request for this, & most of community & shares are more on Mega, will start a service of this in future.

So stay tuned :heart: :+1:


It’s not,

And remember, if you find a phishing website, who tells you to enter legit data
just enter dummy/ fake data or a dummy created mail then proceed :+1:

And for softwares use Sandbox or VM machines softwares, install on it for testing :+1: