How to Get Spotify Premium (No BINs, No Family Account)

Get Spotify Premium

This is a Spotify patcher that modifies your host file to fully block out all Spotify ads. The patcher also will send certain packets to the Spotify servers and modify your Spotify to make your account premium.


  • Download songs to listen to when offline
  • No ads
  • Full premium on desktop app
  • High quality streaming unlocked
  • No watermark, your Spotify will look exactly like normal Spotify premium
  • Lasts forever (One time run)

Windows Download: Here

:warning: Patcher may contain viruses; use it at your own risk. :warning:


Plz, specify how to use this patcher.!

It’s a patcher … means you run the exe file. It will either do it automatically or you might have to select the (spotify)installation folder.

Make sure Spotify is not running when applying the patch.

Pls fix the link. file not found or This site can’t be reached. Thank you

I tried it on vmware because its full of viruses…and its not working…i think its binded…beware!

every modded file for apps will contain viruses whether you like it or not,but they do work 7 out of 10 times.

yeah, it’s look like binded FUD. :neutral_face:

VIRUS WARNING!!! This is 100% virus this program gonna steal information from your machine like username and password or credit card, etc. Once again do not ever use it. The stolen information gonna be sent to the Hacker’s discord server. The original file is not patcher.exe its called hone.exe. The hacker simply renamed the file to patcher.exe to makes you think it’s a patcher but it’s a virus.



thanks for sharing this info. I request admin to remove this link and file.