How to Get "MacOS" Type App Dock on Windows 10

How to Get “MacOS” Type App Dock on Windows 10


:arrow_right: To add a Mac-type dock on Windows, we need to install a third-party app known as Aqua Dock. The third-party app replicates the look of the official macOS dock.

:small_blue_diamond: Step 1: First of all, download & install Aqua dock on your Windows 10 computer.

:small_blue_diamond: Step 2: Once done, launch the app. As soon as you launch the app, you will see a new dock on the bottom of your screen.

:small_blue_diamond: Step 3: To customize the Dock, right-click on the Dock and select ‘Customize’

:small_blue_diamond: Step 4: From the customization panel, you can change the dock size, magnification, background, Magnification mode, etc.

:small_blue_diamond: Step 5: To add an application, drag an app’s icon from your desktop to the Dock. To remove them, simply drag them out of the Dock.

That’s it! You are done.

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