How to Get Lynda Premium Account For Free πŸ’₯ | Linkedin Learning 2021

In this Video i am gonna show guys how to get lynda premium account (Linkedin Learning) for free using library card.


Thanks a lot bro, @red330

Btw, how many months would this account be expire?
From the link above, this was the message I saw

Your account expires in 15 days on 09-15-2021. To renew your account, please refer to our "Cardholder Terms and Conditions.

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1 month bro … after that u can create another account !

Not working now bro … any other process ?

You can use a library card from the USA.
If I’m not wrong. Lynda merged with LinkedIn Learning, So yeah. If you use a library card you will get access FREE. :blush: not only access to LinkedIn Learning but also another app that supported library cards. :wink:

Note: don’t ask me how to get the library card. U can google it. :grimacing: take the effort to get it.

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