How to Get LinkedIn Learning Digital Library Card for Free 2022

In this tutorial, you will learn how to get LinkedIn Learning Digital Library Card for Free. This is a temporary card.


  1. Go to and scroll down and click on “Get a Library Card”
  2. Use this link US Fake address generator in Washington - Random address generator , US address list to get an address.
  3. Create your account. Make sure to save the PIN for later use.

If everything goes well you will receive a Congratulation Page with your new Library Card Number

  1. After getting a Library card go to this link LinkedIn Learning Library Account Login | Formerly Lynda Library and log in with your PIN and Library Card Number.

Hope you will get your card!

Follow this video tutorial for step by step process


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Very simple steps


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how many months would this be working before it expires?

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It works.
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Hope so it will work for at least one year.

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worked like a charm man, thanks!!!

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it workssss
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100% working as of today
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Get Linkedin Learning Account For FREE 2022

Go to this link: Timberland Regional Library Online User Registration

Sign up
just make sure that you’re using this address:
Street: 9740 SW BANK RD
City, State: VASHON, WA
Zip: 98070

Otherwise, you can use any name just like me.

Now Click Verify and click use this address

Now You have to fill out the 2nd half of this form,
Use the links down below for generating a fake phone number and email address:
Generate a Random Name - Fake Name Generator

Fill Up the form like this:

Remember, the pin is very important. That will be your login pin so note the pin carefully, and choose any Library you like. Screenshot, 2022-03-02 18:10:17 - Paste.Pics

Press-Register and boom You have the ID

Use ID And PIN for LinkedIn Learning Library Account Login


Bonus :
Streaming Platform By Using This Card:


Nice tutorial, thanks!


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How much it duration?

I am not getting apply online option on the website