How to Get Free Unlimited Google Storage

Get Free Unlimited Google Storage

Recently I was surfing and found out few links that provided free Shared Drives previously known as Teamdrives.

These Teamdrives are quite useful if you are in a business of storing data that are questionable and want to keep backup. a sort of decentralized storage.

These are not so private and the owner of the College/School can have access to your content, however everything gets logged in the Activity Panel of Google Drive Dashboard. So you can check regularly if someone accessed your content


  1. Goto the above links
  2. Enter a NAME for Your Shared Drive
  3. Enter your GMAIL-ID on which you want the Shared Drive
  4. Select any College From the Dropdown Menu
  5. Solve the Captcha
  6. Click on Submit
  7. If Successful you will get Success
  8. If Error, then try selecting another college
  9. Goto -

You will now see a Shared Drive on you Google Account

Technical Specifications

  • Storage space
  • You can upload 750 GB of data per day.
  • You can upload files up to 5 TB in size.
  • If a single file exceeds the 750 GB daily limit, that file will upload. Subsequent files will not upload until the daily upload limit resets the next day.
  • A Shared drive can contain a maximum of 250,000 files and folders.
  • A Shared drive can include a large number of individual and Google Group members.
  • Limit for individuals and groups directly added as members: 600
  • A group and an individual are both counted as one member against the limit.
  • Total limit of individuals (direct members, or indirect members due to Google Group membership): 50,000
  • An individual who is a member of several groups that are added as direct members of the Shared drives still only count as a single individual.
  • A single Shared drive can nest up to 20 subfolders, but we don’t recommend creating Shared drives with a folder structure that complex. Shared drives function, but users can have difficulty organizing and navigating the content. Instead of a complex hierarchy of folders, consider organizing content into multiple Shared drives.
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