How to get free EDU email address in 2021 (100% Working)

What is EDU email address?

Edu email address is an email address provided by college, and school to their students and employees. When you get admitted into a university or college, they provide you a .edu email address for free.

Why to create .edu email?

Education extension email are one of the top email extension to which many Company provides offer and free services. These email are provided only by college and university or educational institutions to their students. Let’s discuss some offers and services provided to .edu emails.

Top 5 offers to edu emails

  1. Autodesk

Autodesk provides high number of free software licenses for students which is highly beneficial. You need to register on their website using your .edu email account and then you will be able download the free software and licenses.

If you have edu email then go to official site of Autodesk and click on “sign in” from the top right-hand corner of the website then after that a drop down menu will open and then you will have to select Education Community. On the next page click on “create account” and then select your Country, Education Role (student) and date of birth. Now you will have to input your credentials and your .edu email account which will then lead you to a sign-up page where you will have to input your College/University name, here if it is not mentioned then you can add it simply. Hence, your registration is complete and you will receive a confirmation email from Autodesk which will then let you download the free software.

If you don’t have edu email then don’t worry because today we are going to learn how to create edu email for free easily.

  1. Google G Suite for education

Google has a special privilege for students and you can sign up for a G Suite Education Account which gives you 5 TB of storage. This is one of the best benefits of Edu email accoun t that helps you in storing your images, videos, ebooks and much more without the worry of getting out of space. You can utilize this as long as your .edu email account is actively provided by your university. No more worrying about limited cloud storage. After your edu email time period completes just follow our tutorial and make another Edu email for free.

  1. Microsoft Office and Azure

Microsoft offers a wide variety of software for free and huge discounts with Edu email address on many products for Students and Teachers. You can easily get Office 365 for Students for free.

You can signup for mircrosoft azure student and can get azure student account with $100 free credit. You can create RDP for free using this method and enjoy cloud service.

  1. Amazon Prime

For Edu email there is another interesting offer. Amazon provides 6 months of trial prime account to students who can get many benefits out of it like getting 2 days confirmed delivery on products without any shipping charges. Special college deals are provided along with no extra delivery charges (this applies together with the previous free shipping offer). Save up to 90% on textbooks and also get 6 months of free Amazon Prime Video trial. Visit this link and register a new account with your .edu email address and confirm it. Make sure you have a credit card to complete the process, you can even use a virtual credit card to get this offer and you won’t be charged anything for this.

  1. Github Student Developer Pack

You can request for a Github Student Developer Pack which will give you variety of discounts and free stuff. This is the biggest benefits Edu email account, you can get $1000 and more worth of free stuff using this pack. Signing up for a Student Developer Pack on Github using your .edu email account is very easy, you just have to visit this link and click on “Get your pack” button in the middle. On the next page, you can request a discount and fill up the signup form and wait for 5 days for them to reply.

Once you are provided with the Student Developer Pack on Github, we can say that these things are going to be the best benefits of Edu email account . You receive up to $110 in bonus AWS credits for a total of $75-$150, Bitnami Business 3 plan (normally $49/month) free for one year, DataDog Pro Account, including 10 servers. Free for 2 years, DigitalOcean $50 in platform credit for new users, Github unlimited private repositories (normally $7/month) while you are a student, Namecheap one-year SSL certificate (normally $9/year) and one-year domain name registration on the .me TLD (normally $18.99/year). Let’s start our method to get edu email for free without delaying.


  • Windows Free Softwares
  • Netflix, Prime Access
  • Unlimited Gdrive Storage
  • Github discount pack
  • Free Hosting and Domain


  • Available only for Students
  • Limited for few Services
  • Only Top Services Accessible
  • Tier 1 Universities Allowed
  • 1 Email Id Access

How to get free EDU email address in minutes

Baltimore City Community College, USA-Baltimore City Community College (abbreviation: BCCC) is a two-year public community college founded in 1947. It is a higher education institution composed of specialized academic schools, humanities and social sciences, located in Mali, USA Baltimore is an important seaport city on the Atlantic coast of Lanzhou (Maryland).

Baltimore City Community College currently serves residents and business people from all walks of life. It is a professional training institution with various vocational training as the main axis. It provides 30 associate degrees and 27 certificate majors, covering nursing, dental hygiene, and physical therapy. Teachers, costume design, computer information systems, accounting, paralegal, law enforcement and amendment, electronic technology, etc., have laid a good foundation for students to transfer to four-year universities.

Official website :

Email suffix:

Online application address : How to Apply / Steps to Apply

To apply for the EDU mailbox of Baltimore City Community College in the United States, it is recommended to use Maryland (Maryland) American information materials. Click “APPLY NOW” to start the application.

The waiting time is about 2 days after the application is submitted. The specific waiting time varies with personality. You will receive an email titled “Congratulations on your acceptance!” from Baltimore City Community College, containing your MyBCCC username.

Login :

Check your student EDU email address. Student ID (student ID) is your 9-digit SSN social security number, PIN is created when you apply.

Login : myBCCC / Home

The default password is the beginning of the last 4 digits of your username + 8 digits of your date of birth, the format is: 5625YYYYMMDD. For example: your user name is: jsmith5625, and your date of birth is: May 1, 1998, your default password is: 562519980501.

Note : If the login shows that the user name is invalid, wait patiently for the system to take effect.

Login :

Entering your student EDU mailbox to log in to Gmail will automatically jump to the Baltimore City Community College unified certification landing page. The username is your mailbox prefix, and the initial password is the last 4 digits of your username + 8 digits of your date of birth.
Baltimore City Community College EDU mailbox is hosted in Gmail, Google Drive is unlimited, and there is no team disk permission.

Apply for Office 365 Education Edition : Free Microsoft Office 365 for Schools & Students | Microsoft Education

Baltimore City Community College EDU mailbox does not support the installation of Microsoft Office 365 desktop version.

Explore other benefits yourself!


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" If you cannot login on this page using the information above, call the
Open Lab at
(410) 462-7411 ."

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