How to get free discord nitro for 3 months

Step 0 (Very Important) - Read these requirements first - link

Step1: Go to the promotion page of epic games where Discord Nitro is listed - click here

Step 2 - Make a new epic games Id, verify your Gmail & log in and then click on Get and Purchase Discord Nitro for $0 as shown in the picture below -
(you can log in with any new email id and Don’t use Temp mail )

Step 3 - Wait for some time …(2 min - 2 hours) Epic games will send you a redeem code on your registered Gmail ID.

Step 4 - Login to the Discord account and go on the nitro section and buy and put your redeem code there

Step3: It will ask u for a payment method, choose a card if you don’t want to use your personal one then use this -

CARD NUMBER: 4847184940286173
CVV: 405

step4: It will ask u for ur address, go to US address gen site such as - US Address Generator - Fake Address, Random Address Generator

or Input the address below

21969 Windover Droce

Ashburb Virginia

Step5: Enjoy your fucking 3 months of nitro

Luckily I Got my Redeem code -

IF you have any problem then comment or I will make a small video on this.


Its asking for Name on the card what shall i enter ?

I entered a random name and it worked for me

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I just entered a random name and worked for me, thanks for the card tho, my parents will never allow me to use there card, they dont even allow me to use discord.

yeah bro parents are just like that

there is also another way i found using this bin : 5154620020xxxx

use namsogen to generate thesec cards and find a live card of this and then use it and put random emails, but for address u must put a random uk one


also u must note that u must never have had nitro before for this to work