How to Get Edu Email Creator Bot - 20 Colleges (100% Working)

the one on number 4,

though i alreday completed all the process and confirmation, but didn’t yet got my mail address with .edu domain, is it takes more time or what to do please reply!!!

this bot not working after solving captcha, do i have to use vpn.

where can i get ss number and dob

myccAcc is the name of the file

Successfully applied for the colleges which i chosed for. :white_check_mark:

Bot is working like charm. :zap:

I have kept the edu creator bot (folder) on C drive. That’s the reason it worked smoothly maybe!!.
Also, there wasn’t any problem after solving the captcha.

I used firefox browser :slight_smile:

All thanks to @Reverse :fire::fire: Keep it up buddy!!! Keep posting such things :clinking_glasses:
All the best :muscle:

can someone give me one id

Have you got your Edu mail credentials?

I have tried 2-3 Edu bots … all worked well, I also got the registration mail and all that stuff but the only thing that was left is Edu mail from them.

Same problem.Any solution ?

I got edu id but dont know how to access it.
How to find mail account for that?
MSMJ college