How to Get Edu Email Creator Bot - 20 Colleges (100% Working)

Edu Email Creator Bot

Python 3.7 or >
Python pip


One click install/setup.
No programming knowledge needed (other then python3 with pip installed).
Setup will install all webdrivers needed automatically based on your browsers.
Many more features.

Why should you use it ?
It saves the time by doing the work for you (It usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to fill a form manually)
No limit on creating edu mails. You can create as much as you need (preferred to use in limits)
Many benefits of having an edu mail like Spotify 50% off Apple music 50% off Discount on Adobe CC Free amazon prime and many more This is a bot to make a edu email without doing anything! This is a new bot and working and tested :wink:

Extract the RAR files.

Edu Email Creator Bot

  • Open the folder and double click the file (Important)

  • Let it download the requirement to run the bot.

  • After its downloaded, there will be 2 options. The option 1 is a firefox browser and the option 2 is chrome. choose the browser that you have installed.

  • After you chosen, double click the file.

  • Choose between 20 colleges

  • Then type your email (Must your real email).

  • Then the bot will run it self in the browser that you choose. (Important Note: Do not close the browser or minimize it, the program will error and you need to restart)

  • After sometimes, you need to complete the recaptcha manually because the bot cannot done it by themself.

  • After the creating accounts and application process, your account will automatically stored in myccAcc.txt

Download : Here


Thank you for the script!

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Its working, check again.

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it gives error as followe when running the
File “”, line 1
cd k:/Edu-Mail-Generator-master
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

& python -i d:/Edu-Mail-Generator-master/
File “”, line 1
& python -i d:/Edu-Mail-Generator-master/
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

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Try another text editor/interpreter to run

It worked perfect but accs are not stored in txt file

It also cannot locate some elements while filling final form

Tried in Firefox, Chrome, VM

for sacramento college it works fine but for other colleges it failed to locate element 3 , and accounts are not stored ,i got mail and i dont know what to do after that , if anyone knows please guide me.

it worked but stopped in the middle at step 8 at the end had to manually complete.

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no it works don’t ban i have generated 2 accounts but have to wait for the reply from college

It works , but it will be fine if he clarify our doubts , i applied sancramento college and i don’t know how to proceed further to gait mail credentials

wow dude. if i want to make a bot like this but to use it on other websites for automation what should i learn??? please guide me

python at initial stage and selenium for automation (i think)

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I didn’t get my student id or any email containing it, what to do now? cannot look up cause ssn is needed for that, what to do? any suggestions

I got an email but to get my STUDENT ID NUMBER I need to put my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER which I don’t know where to find 'coz in the myAcc.txt it store the account information like user, pass, pin… Except for the SSN?

  • Do anyone here knew where to find/get the SSN of the account created?
  • And also if there’s anyone here has successfully get an edu mail. Please share the info so that everyone can benefit thank you!

Tired most colleges it doesnt work after captcha it stops

there is no ssn included so cannot look it up, i tried everything but still nothing

can you please tell me which college have you tried?

Not working. Please share the python setup link and how to install it. Because tool opening but not executing over chrome. Stopping work without error.