How to Get Discord Nitro for Free in 2021

  1. Head to this website (Namso CCGEN - Valid Real Working Credit Card Generator - CC Gen v5) and tick DATE and CCV2 this allows us to see the secret code and the expiry date etc.

  2. In the BIN section paste this exact code in (5538902xxxxxxxxx). Once you have done this enter for the amount (100) and then click generate

  3. . Once you have clicked the generate button a whole lot of numbers should come up, copy all the numbers in the box and paste it into this checker which you can find on this
    link. (

  4. Then you want to click submit on the checker so it starts checking. Below the checker you should find a LIVE section which allows you to see the working ones you want to co
    py one of the working cards and add that as a payment method and then it will renew your nitro using that payment method, in other words you will have unlimited nitro. But you must have a nitro subscription before doing this method.

  5. If you don’t know how to add a payment method head to your settings on discord and click billing and then add payment method, then you want to type in a card using one of t
    he LIVE working cards on the checker, also for a name and address use this link to generate a random person. Go to this website and click UK Fake Adress ( Leave the address 2 blank the one which says (optional) considering you dont have to actually put anything in that box. Also make sure you put the country to United Kingdom, due to the address of the cards being there.

  6. After all these steps and once you have added it as a payment method you have completed the method meaning you can’t purchase nitro or purchase gifts it just keeps renewing the nitro you have so this will keep on renewing itself not charging you a single penny!

"But you must have a nitro subscription before doing this method."

You should mention that at starting of the post.


yes thats right✅

Does this metthod still work?

The last I tried it stopped working. They have disabled this BIN method because everyone started to use when Discord Premium for 3 Month was free in Epic.

ig its time to close this… its expired :’)