How to get atlas vpn for free?

As Nord vpn and other OG vpn services have been patched and are no longer meeting our desires, Atlas vpn can be a nice alternative.

Now a VPN never comes without pricing and those which are free have limitations such as:

  • No privacy

  • They will keep your logs

  • Slow and etc

This method (idk it was discussed before but if it has, you can call it a “reminder”) will help you gain premium services of one of the best vpn.

We will exploit the referral program of Atlas vpn.

1- First sign up using my referral link with your real gmail: (You will get 3 days premium for free. Existing users can also use it.) Note that this is not a cashlink.

2- Now go to referral page which you can find on left bar in your atlas vpn account dashboard. Copy the referral link.

3- Now go to and get a fake email.

4- Open another browser and clear cache.

5- Again, go to sign up, but this time sign up with your referral link, and you will get 7 days of premium access to atlas VPN.

6- Repeat the above process and keep it for an unlimited period. Don’t forget step 4, though.

Automate this process with this simple trick:

You might know that there are many people on the internet trying to get such free stuff, and especially youtube is one of the most important targets.

1- Go to youtube and make a dummy account.

2- Make a video where you will tell your viewers the process of how they will get 3 days of premium vpn.

3- Also tell them they can get 3 days more using

4- They will surely believe you and use your trick

5- Enjoy lifetime premium.

Don’t forget to use a clickbait title such as:

→ Get one of the most premium vpn for free

→ Nord vpn successor | The next-gen vpn

Or etc.

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