How to Get Amazon Items For FREE 2020

NOTE: The cheaper the item is, the higher the success rate is. If you are not experienced, I recommend trying with some cheap item first!

1.) Order 1 item from Amazon. Make sure it is sold by Amazon & below ~$300

2.) Once you receive the item, go ahead and contact amazon support. I recommend calling by phone, but you can also use livechat

3.) Now tell them something like:

"Good afternoon, I just received my order from amazon, but the package is entirely empty!

This was supposed to be a gift for my brother’s birthday so I need a solution as soon as possible. I hope you can help me."

Be creative, don’t use the same exact excuse every time. Just make sure to let them know it’s urgent, to increase the chance of an immediate refund.

There are a few possible replies from the rep now:

“Okay, I will open an investigation for you”

A: If you’ve called them, reply “Oh wait I just found the item, everything is okay. Thank you.”

Then IMMEDIATELY hang up the phone and call Amazon again. Try again with another rep.

B: If you’ve messaged them, reply “I really need a solution right now, if you can’t offer me a solution right now then I want to speak to your manager, because this is unacceptable.”

Just keep pushing to talk to the manager, then plead to the manager for the refund. (note: Exiting the chat and reopening it to speak to a different rep NO LONGER works, so don’t try this!)

“Was the package damaged?”

Reply: No, there wasn’t any damage at all.

(If you do say there was damage, they will open an investigation!)

We are sorry this happened, I can offer you a refund, or a replacement, which one would you like?

Just tell them which one you prefer

PS: Even if Amazon DOES open an investigation, don’t worry. Even if they conclude that you were lying, they won’t take any major action. They just won’t refund you.

PPS: If you do fail the refund, just return the item for a full refund.

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Yeah, what’s this “guide” doing here?

Do you know how to refund in nike website , someone offer me to do this

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