How to get a free temp-edu mail

Do you know the benefits of having an edu mail?

Well, let me tell you it’s very useful.

Its Features

  1. Github student developer pack
  2. Autodesk
  3. Microsoft office free
  4. Adobe creative cloud
  5. Canva pro
  6. Microsoft azure
  7. LastPass
  8. Lucid Chart
  9. Roboform
  10. Prime video
  11. Superspace
  12. Spotify premium
  13. Youtube Premium
  14. Samsung, lenovo and hp student discouns
    And much more

Website -

Click The refresh button to increase the time

Home Page -

Thank you!!


I have already used this bro sometimes in website the refresh will not work.

Dear All,

if you want to use this 10minutesemail id for github then its not possible because github will mark your email spam because they already blocked this domain.

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Thanks for the heads up.

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This is also not work for github.

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Does it work for Canva Education Subscription?

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No, @Harish_G , it’s not working for Canva

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this one is a permanent one right?

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