How to Get 500 Instagtam Followers Every 20 Mins | Repeatable

Instagtam Followers

  1. Create a new Instagram account to use it for the tool, don’t share your account PASSWORD because your account will follow other guys that are using this trick! New Instagram account in the sense, a fake one which will be used for this site.

  2. Go to and in the upper right corner you will see a blue button, click it to Login with your new Instagram account (DON’T USE YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT TO LOGIN). The site is slow so the login will be slow, around 4/5 mins. Have a little patience.???

  3. Once you log in there will be Send Followers, likes, Story views options presented to you by the site.

  4. Click on Send Followers which we want here.

  5. Enter your Instagram Username for your main account and click the green button. (use the account to which you want the followers to be added)

  6. Then enter how many IG Followers you need, the max is 500. Don’t overdo it. Go with baby steps. Being greedy may not give you expected results.

  7. Click the green button again and wait a couple of minutes, this can take up to 10 minutes or so.

  8. Once you are done, Logout from the website and check your main Instagram account to which you’ve sent the followers to.

Repeat :

If you want another 500 Followers create new Instagram account so you can login to the website and you will have new 500 followers to send.