How to Get 2TB DropBox Storage


Connect to a VPN (Italy, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain). I do with Germany.
open the chrome browser and search and generate the identity. (ᐅ Germany | Fake Name | Address | IBAN | Credit Card | Generator)
Now create your Dropbox account, just enter a random name and email address. (use information that was generated by the
Once your account has been created, go to
Click “upgrade” in the top right corner.
Choose a PLUS plan.
Click “Direct Debit”.
Enter information** and IBAN from ᐅ Germany | Fake Name | Address | IBAN | Credit Card | Generator
Enjoy 2TB DropBox Storage.


Has anyone tried this method? Would love to see some reviews.

Only works for 1 month. After that they will downgrade it to the basic plan. But we wont lose the files that we stored on terabox.

Well, that makes it a perfect place to hoard files (since they wont delete it). Sadly Dropbox is not as popular as the others.

Not work for 1 month. 1 Year plan

I’ve done it before. It just worked for 1 month, and then they downgrade my plan to basic. That’s why i’m abandoned it. :relieved: