How to Flush Google Chrome DNS Cache in Windows 10/11

:small_blue_diamond:Step 1: First of all, open the Google Chrome browser on your Windows 10/11 PC.

:small_blue_diamond:Step 2: On the address bar, enter the URL:


:small_blue_diamond:Step 3: Now, you will see a screen. Here you need to click on the Flush socket pools.

:exclamation:Important: Make sure to save your active works on the web browser before you flush socket pools. This will break pages with active connections.

:small_blue_diamond:Step 4: Once done, click on the DNS tab on the left pane, as shown in the screenshot below. Alternatively, you can enter this address on your Address bar:


:small_blue_diamond:Step 5: On the right pane, click on the Clear host cache button.

:small_blue_diamond:Step 6: After making the above changes, close the web browser. Next, open Windows 11 search and type in Command Prompt. Right-click on the Command Prompt and select ‘Run as administrator‘.

:small_blue_diamond:Step 7: On the Command Prompt, execute the command given below and hit the Enter button.

ipconfig /flushdns

:white_check_mark: That’s it! You are done. After implementing the above changes, restart your Windows 10/11 computer.

Enjoy :+1: :heart_on_fire:

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Bro is it applicable for Windows 10 also or only Windows 11?

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Yes bro it’s applicable for both windows 10 and 11. Thanks bro, now, I have updated the topic :heart_on_fire: :+1:

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what is the advantage of flushing DNS?

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Just google it bro :+1::heavy_heart_exclamation:. @Dos_Pordos

Flushing DNS will clear any IP addresses or other DNS records from your cache. This can help resolve security, internet connectivity, and other issues. It’s important to understand that your DNS cache will clear itself out from time to time without your intervention.


I like this statement :slight_smile:

It’s important to understand that your DNS cache will clear itself out from time to time without your intervention.

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Yes I saw that in the morning…u r superactive bro… :sunglasses: :+1:

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@Mr.Commando thank you thank you thank you :blush: :two_hearts:

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in my case the button is not working, can someone help me with this?


What problem brother ??? :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: can you explain it properly

i opened the link but when i click the button nothing happens :smiling_face_with_tear:


which browser you are using bro or check your extensions. sometimes problem arises in extension also. For me also happened.

Or Try after reinstalling the browser

If the problem arises in android try this:

If you can’t open links on Android apps, make sure to check in-app settings, reinstall the app, or inspect in-app permissions.

If that doesn’t help, clearing cache and data from essential Google Services or reinstalling WebView should resolve the issue…

ok will try thanks for helping!

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