How to encrypt a file so that no one sees it. 🔐

If you are afraid that when you send a file, it will be intercepted and the c
ontents will be found out, just use the service
It turns the contents of the document into a complex code that cannot be deciphered by an outsider. To see the real contents of the file, you will have to enter a password.

How to use the service:

  1. Visit the website:
  2. Click “Browse Files” and select the encrypted file.
  3. In the line below, enter a password or generate a random one.
  4. Click “Encrypt” to encrypt, and then click “Encrypted file” to download.
  5. Send the file to your friend. He has to go to the same site, download our file, enter the password that we came up with, and click on “Decrypt” to decrypt, and then download.


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