How To Download Unlimited Via Mega Without Even Having An Account

How To Download Unlimited Via Mega Without Even Having An Account

P.S: In case it tells you that “your file is larger than your download limit”…just click on “continue download”.



Do you have that script in second step. It’s been deleted from that website.

Here is the script

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thaaaanks a lot. Let´s see. The script appears to be clean, so go and try…

Well. Daily quouta exceeded. Seems that the script does not work (for me). Chrome 64bits here. No luck, bye,.

this script is for uploading data to mega account above the limitation(15GB) …we need transfer quota exceeded solution ie. downloading the data from mega account

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Ohhh my bad. I´m using VPN to dl though… Works (it´s a bummer) But works anyway.

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The second link script is deleted

I am trying to find the original script but still not able to find it. Only someone who has it already can share it now, its lost from the web imo.

it is not working
can anyone guide step by step

If we need transfer quota exceeded solution, can’t the previous script (the one to import above limitation from other accounts) be used?

And, I think MegaBasterd can be used to download or upload unlimited. And, of course, to upload you need to link an account.

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Also, if you have proxies, you can use JDownloader to download from Mega.

Using XDM?
Its possible

This is the script : pastebin

Anyone knows how to Download in MEGA uninterruptedly?

Is this script for downloading from mega without limits? Or for just importing? Thank you so much anyways

I think it’s for importing. I already have the Import script and this one matches with it 96%. But I’m not tech savvy, so I’m not sure.

If original mega link get removed will I lost my imported content?

No you won’t. Imported files are like your personal files now. So it won’t be deleted unless you share it and get a copyright strike.

nope you preserve it as long as mega lets you keep it
Just make sure your account doesn’t die…