How to download rapidgator or fileaxa files for free?

I have been trying for a long time to download some files. Luckily I got them, but they are in rapidgator and fileaxa. It says I need to upgrade to download them. How can I download the files from both for free? I tried some leeches they didn’t work.


have you tried leechall ? if that doesn’t work, your best bet is to find someone with a realdebrid account and ask them to get the files for you.


Almost all debrid support RapidGator.
Fileaxa is sorta limited.

Real_Debrid is one that supports both

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DM me the file links will try downloading them


How to download its endless loop of countdowns and get link etc

if theres really a genuine link then it will be revealed after 2 3 rounds…but id its some fake websites then its endless loop or you dont know how to ignore ads and click the link even clicking the real link.

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Give me the file link, I will try to download it for you.


Please help me download this course

can you help me to download course from fileaxa

Use bot telegram. Create it using hetoku before 28 nov. Because after that, they will close the free tier plan.

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Are there any tutorials or how to’s using bot telegram to download? Thanks

YouTube bro. You Will find a lot of them.

you can download anything of any size from here


Thanks for the link…It says the premium link will appear in 2-5 minutes. After few minutes approx 3 min a timer of 210sec will appear(stay at that page or the timer will stop) and then a premium link appears. PROBLEM SOLVED