How to download fileaxa files for free?

I have been trying for a long time to download some files. Luckily I got them, but they are i’m fileaxa. It says I need to upgrade to download them. How can I download the files for free? I tried some leeches they didn’t work. I need help, please


I am also facing this issue!!!


Me too! Anyone have a solution?
I tried but no luck.

i want to download files from fileaxa which are larger then 2gb , is there a way without buying premium account ?

@design_erss What is your link? Share it here and I will give you the link.

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can you add Creator Now – Hayden Hillier-Smith Editing Bootcamp from psdly.i am having difficulties in sharing the link

@moh_sha There is no download link for that course on that website. As you can see on the screenshot:

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Visual Storytelling with Nathaniel Drew & Johnny Harris – Brighttrip

can you share the link for this course from psdly

Jason West – Chat GPT Skool Download 2023

can you share the link for this course from psdly???

Link - [FREE] Jason West – Chat GPT Skool Download 2023 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (

Hye bro can u plz share the download link for this course?

[FREE] Eddie Shleyner – Transformational Landing Pages Download 2023 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (

This link from PSDLY, thanks bro…

Hey could you please help me with this particular file from psdly ?


Hey guys, I downloaded some of these. But they are all password protected!!!

The admin of the psdly is some crazy guy that says you should buy everything from him, even the fileaxa premium at least 3 months accounts for 40$ to get the password.

So forget about his site and start other alternatives!


Hey izox, thanks for your efforts… alternative is good!!

thanks for the effort. Any suggestions for alternatives

can you get on other sites?

i had no luck whatsover.

hey can you try for this course?

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Please can you share the link for this course. Many thanks. [FREE] Visual Storytelling With Nathaniel Drew & Johnny Harris - Brighttrip

how to download filaxa.
please tell mee