How to Detect & Block Malicious Google Chrome Extensions

:globe_with_meridians: The extension in question is known as Salesforce Security, which detects and blocks dangerous chrome extensions. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: First of all, download & install the Salesforce Security extension on your Google Chrome web browser.

Step 2: Now, click on the same icon next to the address bar, and we will automatically be shown a window with a list of all the extensions installed in Chrome.

Step 3: From there, we have to activate or deactivate those that we want, even if we prefer it all at once from the switch that we can find in the upper right part.

Step 4: Next, to each extension, we will also see a circle that can be of several colors. If it is green, it means that the extension is trusted.

Step 5: Salesforce Security classifies with the color orange those that potentially can be dangerous, in red color those with a high risk of being dangerous.

Step 6: From the list itself, in addition to being able to deactivate them, by clicking on each of them we can see the permissions that we have granted them and which of them may be endangering our data.

:white_check_mark: That’s it; now you are done, you can discover or detect which extensions are installed in the Google Chrome web browser stealing your data

Enjoy :+1: :heart: