How to delete old sent Messages on Whatsapp 2020

How to delete old message on Whatsapp :

  • Whatsapp has feature to delete message for everyone, but for limited time. But we will delete old messages using this trick, so without wasting any time let gets started.

  • Open message which you want to delete for everyone, note down time and date of message. Let’s say I want to delete that 10:02 PM message of 31th August.

  • Turn off your mobile data and wifi both. don’t forget this step

  • Go to app manager. Find whatsapp and force stop it.

  • Set any time before that message time. Whatsapp allows it’s user to delete message within certain time period. You can adjust time according to your message time.

  • Now you are in past. just open whatsapp and go for that message ‘Delete for everyone’ option would be available now.

  • Now reset your Time and Date. Hope this helped you.

ENJOY :slight_smile:


Nice trick. Works perfectly.:smiley:

it doesnot happen bro. on our phone it will visible as delete for everyone but in reality in other’s phone it is still there. it doesnot go anywhere. i saw it with two phones

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