How To Create Free .edu email

How To Create Free edu email Address

Note: First you must note down the uses all the details address, name, date of birth, SSN and also security answers for genetare user ID and password.

1. Generate US address and SSN number

First, If you are not a US citizen then you need a US address to get edu mail address. For that just click this link


There you can find all the details like name, address, SSN ( very important ). The SSN number will look like the image below:

Get edu email

2. Apply for Edu email

It is the hard part because you need to fill the form and the form too long process so I will tell you here. Just Follow and do the step by step.

Again You must note down all the details that you fill the form.

Page 1

Step 1. First, go to the link and again click Create Account

Step 2. On the page, you need to fill all the details one by one

  • First name last name ( Use the fake name generator site)
  • Your real email ( you should add your original email not fake one)
  • Date of birth (example 01-04-2001)
  • Phone number
  • Current Address, city-state, and zip
  • High School Information – select any school and High School Graduation Year – 2016
  • What is your educational goal? – select Any option
  • Enrollment Information
    • Select your Field of Interest- Select Business
    • Select your Degree / Certificate – Select Finance Accounting (A.A.S)
    • Select your Academic Term – Select any option
  • Account Information
    • Password – enter your password
    • Password Question – Type any question and also enter the answer
    • Now click on the Create Account

Page 2

On the second page, you need to fill your some more details here you can see how to fill:

  • Legal Name – Enter your name from the fake name generator site
  • Other Names- leave it blank
  • Phone and address – will show the same last page you enter
  • When did you move to your current address?* – Enter Date of birth
  • Your County of Residency is* – select any (sometimes it will auto select to Not Maryland )
  • Email – enter the same one
  • Gander – you know that
  • U.S. Social Security Number – Enter SSN number from the above site ( Must not it)
  • Citizenship Status – Select Yes
  • Date of Birth — enter the same one ( Must note it )
  • Ethnic Background – leave it blank
  • What is your race? Select one or more of the following categories — select White
  • Additional Information
    • Student’s Employment Status –unemployed
    • Father’s Education Level – graduate
    • Mother’s Education Level – graduate
    • Is English your only language? – Yes
  • Military Status – no
  • Emergency Contact – leave blank
  • Now click Save and Continue

Page 3

  • Most Recent High School Attended – You need to add school name according to the state you entered last so click add school
  • On the page school name leave black , State according to your address, select Country united states and click Search
  • From search result select any school
  • Other information leave blank
  • Date earned – enter 02-03- 2016
  • College Information – select no
  • click Save and Continue

Page 4

  • What is your educational goal?
    • Please choose one of the following – select I plan to earn a college associate degree
  • Field of Interest
    • select your Field of Interest – select Business
    • Select your Degree / Certificate– Select Financial Accounting (A.A.S)
  • Term:
    • Select your Academic Term* — Select Summer
  • Now click Save and continue

Page 5

  • Disciplinary History
    • In the last four years have you been disciplined for misconduct?- select NO
  • Challenge Questions –
    • On these steps fill all the question one by one ( P lease note all the answers )
  • Certification
    • Do you certify the following?* — select Yes
  • Signature* – Write your name ( same as you entered from )
  • Now click Submit Application

Note: Don’t close the current page. It will help you if you forgot the details when you filled up your details.

3. Submit a request for edu email

Here the form submission process is done. Now you need to wait to receive mail. In 5 minutes you will receive two mail. On the second mail, you will find AACC ID . This will help you to create your edu email. Here are the steps

Step1. On the mail, you can find a link. see the image below. Click on the link

|freesoff.com784x73 Step2. A new page will open, you need to enter AACC ID and the First name and the last name and click Submit .

get edu email id 2020

Step3. After that, again you need to fill the form

Note: If you forgot the details then you can see on the page that you submitted your form – to see the details go to this link View application and click view Application

Now Fill the form:

  1. enter your Date Of Birth and phone number
  2. Now type your address, zip, state, county ( Note sometimes county gives you an error so check your mail some time it was auto-selected to Not Maryland so if the county gives you error then select Not Maryland or check your mail what was the NM or county.
  3. Now again enter high school name and Year (the date you earned 2016) and Previous College Attended– enter not applicable
  4. Click Submit

After 24hours you will receive an email from the university site. They will send you your username and password generate a link.

From the username, you need to generate your password so how to do that let’s see.

4. How to Get EDU email Password

  • To generate password click this link
  • On the page type your username ( check your mail)
  • then again they ask you to enter security answer just enter the security answer
    • DOB
    • Your AACC ID
    • security questions
  • now you need to enter you password. that’s it

After that the site will auto-redirect to the login page so enter your edu email it will look like [email protected] and password.

5. How to access the mailbox

To access your mailbox just follow the steps

  • First, go to this link MyAACC
  • enter your username and password
  • now you will redirect to the MyAACC portal
  • On the page click the M yMail, see the image belowhow to get edu email
  • you are done now you can send or receive emails.

2. The Second method 100% Working Now

With this method, you will get 100% edu email and also you will receive Gmail edu email that mean unlimited google drive

  1. Go to and select Golden West College from the Left corner and click Apply Now.

generate edu mail id

  1. You will be taken to following CCCapply website. Now create a new account with your Gmail account or you can login with your old account for the latest term.

  2. Create an account using a fake name, address and for SSN you can gereate from here from

Check here How to get a real address ( very important )

Note: You must note all the details like

  1. Name

  2. address

  3. DOB

  4. SSN code

  5. Security question and answer

  6. After that, start a new application and select the following college

  7. Press Start Application and fill up the application with the same like I have shown above the first method.

  8. Submit the application. In two days(working) You will receive an email with instructions to get your .edu email ( [email protected] )

  9. And your account password will be the First letter of your first name capitalized, first letter of your last name lower case, your birthdate using the following format MMDDYY and the letters CCCD

Here is the proof of my edu email:

edu email id and password

At the end I can say the tutorial is not hard but Big, BTW If you have any issue to get free Edu email please comment below. And please share with your friend and family who want to enjoy the edu email discounts and benefits.


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