How To Create Attention Grabbing YouTube Shorts Using Premiere Pro

In this class, you will learn how to create attention grabbing YouTube shorts. The class will be taught by a YouTuber with several YouTube channels all varying in size.


You do not need any previous experience in this area. I’m assuming most know how to create a YouTube account and get the basics done for the channel. Everything else after this step is covered in the class such as adding shorts to the channel, keyword research, planning videos, recording, editing, uploading and publishing. I will take you step by step through each stage of uploading shorts to your YouTube channel no matter what niche you’re creating content for.


You will need some equipment/software to go through this class, it’s nothing that you wouldn’t expect to see when creating content.

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thank you for sharing! aside from editing, there’s also keyword research :blush:

Awseome share, thank you :+1:

The Google Drive Link is broken, can you please update the link to the working one