How To Change IP In Every 5 Seconds in Linux or Termux?

:recycle: Use these code line by line in Termux or Linux

  1. Git clone

  2. Git clone

  3. apt-get install tor = tor downloads

  4. service tor start = start tor

  5. service tor stop = stop tor

  6. service tor status = check it

  7. leafpad /etc/tor/torrc we are entering

  8. We delete the # sign in the lines starting with the control port and hash

  9. tor –hash-password = we set password

  10. We write leafpad/etc/tor/torrc and record the number given to the hashed part.

  11. cd toriptables2

  12. python -l = toriptables2 start

  13. tor_ip_switcher

  14. python tor_ip_switcher = toripswitcher start

  15. we enter the password we set

  16. Set the IP address duration and the ip address changes every 5 seconds

Enjoy :heart:


Switching On/ Off router also does change your IP, also can use Proxy Servers. :heart:


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