How To Bypass Mega Download Limits

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Downloading files can have limits with many of the free online cloud services such as Google Drive and Mega. " This method works best for single files such as ISO, ZIP or IMAGE files."

Required Applications to Install

To bypass Mega download limits, you will need a few tools to have installed. First, you need a download manager, and any will do. We are choosing to use the open-source tool Xtreme Download Manager. You can get a copy on GitHub or click on the link below. The second tool we will need is Mega Downloader Version 1.8. We need this version because it will convert the Mega download URL to a Streaming URL and then continue to bypass Mega download limits. No other version seems to have this option. This step is crucial for a successful download. There are many places to download version 1.8, but be careful of your source. There are many versions online with Malware or Trojans embedded in the file. To make things easy, we created the links below for easy access. Both are required.

Xtreme Download Manager (GitHub Link)

Mega Downloader (version 1.8) (Mega Link | Google Drive)

After installing both applications, we are ready to download our large file.

Steps to Download Files with No Limits

First, find the URL of the file you want to download from Mega, highlight the address and copy it.

Next we want to open up the Mega Downloader (version 1.8) application, navigate to the Options menu and select Configuration.

In the Configuration window, select the Streaming tab, and below ensure that the option ‘Use streaming server‘ is checked. Then click on Save, and the window will close.

Next, in the main window of Mega Downloader, go to the Streaming menu, and select ‘Watch online‘.

Now can PASTE the file address from Mega into the ‘MEGA URL Link‘. Below it will automatically generate a Streaming URL link below. Highlight the new Streaming URL link and copy it.

Open up the Xtreme Download Manager application. In the File menu and select the ‘Add URL’ option.

Xtreme Download Manager may automatically paste the address we copied into the Address field, but if it doesn’t, you can click on the field and use keys CTRL +V to paste it in. Once the address is in, click on DOWNLOAD NOW, and your file will begin to download.

That was the final step to bypass Mega download limits.

FAQ and Troubleshooting Steps

  • “For people having the 0% download problem, I found a solution that worked for me: change the Port in MegaDowloader Configuration. The default value is ‘54321’, I used ‘54361’ and it worked perfectly. I’m using IDM, by the way.”

  • “If you are trying to download a folder or multiple files, the Alternative Method, using Megabester or using VPN is a better solution“


It is not working. All it does is downloads a 1mb file that is it.

Previously I use google colab to bypass Mega limit and save bandwidth by transferring data directly into my Gdrive. But know it has stopped working. :face_exhaling:

By the way thanks for the method

You don’t need to do all of this. Just use a free vpn like Proton VPN to bypass mega limit.

Remember to close Mega Desktop App first before changing VPN location. You need to close it from the tray too. Only then change the VPN & start downloading. For best case, I pause it in Transfer Manager.

I use MegaAsync Desktop which is official Mega Desktop App & it works perfectly fine to download anything. You might get errors for sometime but you can just try again 5-10 mins later.


Do i need to log in to my account first?
Is it still work even after the limit reached?

if ur asking me, i’d suggest open a temporary account & login to it. i don’t think you can use mega desktop without logging in.

then do what i said above.

and it does work even after limit is reached.

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Okey, thank you for the explanation. Will try it. :blush:

guys just use megabasterd

megabasterd never works for me. researched about it, seems im not te only one.

its easy
its super easy