How to Bypass MEGA Download Limit

1] Download MegaBasterds Software: GitHub - tonikelope/megabasterd: Yet another unofficial (and ugly) cross-platform MEGA downloader/uploader/streaming suite.
2] Unzip the files
3] Copy the mega link of file you want to download.
4] Run the Mega Basterd Windows Batch file
5] Click on File option on the left corner and click on New Download
6] Paste the link and start downloading!!

100% working method…


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the files are not downloading…“Waiting to start…” message is coming
please help me …please brother

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owner didnt update software till now. you have to wait’

bro that script dosent work anymore ig
like tried a few days back and it didnt work

This is the Script that I’m using. Works fine for me


it is working ,thanks :star_struck: