🔖 How to Bypass Mega Download Limit Using Megabasterd and VPN

Bypass using Megabasterd

1] Download MegaBasterds Software: GitHub - tonikelope/megabasterd: Yet another unofficial (and ugly) cross-platform MEGA downloader/uploader/streaming suite.
2] Unzip the files
3] Copy the mega link of file you want to download.
4] Run the Mega Basterd Windows Batch file
5] Click on File option on the left corner and click on New Download
6] Paste the link and start downloading!!

Bypass using VPN

Click here


Just visit this website and download the portable zip file.
Works for me!

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this one to work correctly, you have to configure your mega key, you must have a clean proxy for use with no download limit, if you use it normally, it will download with a low rate and up to the download limit, recommended to use a vpn when side


tutorial here: Hướng dẫn Bypass Mega Download Limit 2022 - Hậu Văn Vở


Bypass Download Limit using VPN

Get a link of folder u need and Signout from Your Mega Account if you already siggned into Mega.io
Step1: Download files from your Normal Interent IP Address
When the limit is reached it says you need to wait for X amount of hours…
Cancel the downloads which are in progress

Step2: Connect to VPN
Refresh page
And start downloading remaining files which were paused or pending

This is best and Fast Solution, don’t waste your time in Heroku and all…for me it did not work
Just look for a good VPN like Nord it has many servers
You can connect to any number of servers if one server IP address limit is reached