How to Bypass Hcaptcha - No downloads no extensions

Go to Accessibility

Click on "If you are an accessibility user, please sign up here."

Enter any email address (Must be real so you can click an email link, they block common temp mail sites so maybe use an old/spam email you have if you’re bothered about privacy)

Click the “Get Accessibility Cookie” link in your email - You can bookmark this link for easy access in future.

Now set the cookie.

How the page looks like:…94…8a1a02.png

The cookie lasts for 12 hours I believe. After 12 hours, you will have to visit https://dashboard.hc…e_accessibility to receive a new cookie.

Can be tested here: https://www.tokyobit…

If you know what you’re doing, you can use the cookie you receive for your programs or anything to bypass hCaptcha.