How to ban an instagram account

Important : So what you need is an instagram account from 2011-2014 (You can get these all over the place, just ask people!).

First, you need to find the user you want to ban and copy their username but put an ‘_’ in it. (ex. @exapmleaccount -> @example_account.

Then take their bio and copy it, but DO NOT copy their name. It does not matter.

Now, you need to go onto the desktop version of instagram, find their profile (you don’t have to be logged in) and right click on the page, and ‘Inspect element’.

Then click the little arrow in the square in the dev tools toolbar (to highlight elements on the page) and find the profile picture circle and click on it.

This should highlight the element in the html part of the devtools window. You should see the img tag and it should look something like this:

“<img alt=user’s profile picture” class=“class” data-destid=“user-avatar” draggable=“false” src=“image location”> "

Copy and paste the URL in the src paramater (in between the two ""s) and paste it into the browser in a new tab.

You should have a lower quality picture than what is displayed on the profile.

This is the trick:

It NEEDS to be a lower quality picture. If it still appears the same quality, use an online tool to make it look more pixelated/blurry.

After this is done, all you need to do is go to the desired target, report them for spam 3 times, and then report them for impersonation.

This is where the age of the account is important, as instagram will compare the age of the accounts and it will appear that your account is the real one.


How can we create old account without asking from others?

We can’t create old account :sweat_smile:. If we creat account it will be new account.


Then your trick is not helpful.