How To Automatically Reply A Message On Whatsapp

As we know that we have no option to reply a Whatsapp message automatically in official Whatsapp application, but there is a way to do this officially.

We will use Whatsapp business official app instead of Whatsapp messenger. So follow steps carefully:

Step #1 Install Whatsapp Business App From Play Store.

Step #2 After That Open App and log in normally as we do in Whatsapp.

Step#3 After Successful Login, GO to Whatsapp Business Settings.

Step#4 Click On Business Tools.

Step#5 Now you will see some advance settings there.

Step#6 For Automatic WhatsApp message reply or other message related settings we will focus on messaging tools area.

Step#7 Click on Away Message.

Step#8 After that click on send Away Message to on the feature.

Step#9 Now set the message on the given text box.

Step#10 After This Click On SAVE on the top right corner.

Don’t forget to save settings after every change.

Now Whatsapp will automatically reply the message which we set in step9. You can modify settings your according. there many more awesome features in WhatsApp Business app which is better than WhatsApp messenger.

Whatsapp Business is an official app so there is no risk of privacy and ban.

Happy learning!