How many of you will be interested for 1 year clickfunnels account for 20$?

Hey Guys, I am in the final stages of getting the deal and trying to get a Clickfunnels deal where I can give access to 40 users to use Clickfunnels for 1 year for 20$. Are you interested?

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  • I am looking for an alternative to clickfunnels

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Kindly explain how clickfunnels work and how can we earn.

Thank you :slight_smile:

sounds too good to be true, but sure.

Very much interested. Good Luck with deals

It’s a custom corporate plan that’s being negotiated. That’s why I said , I am trying to get it. I will try, test and will bring it forward to the community only if it is working fine.


Clickfunnels basically is used to create and host landing pages, to capture leads, to create simple websites, take payments , used for affiliate marketing etc. It’s uses are only limited to one’s imagination.

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What is the different between clickfunnels and creating a full website?

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Mostly clickfunnels is used for creating landing pages. Although it can be turned into a full fledged website , funnels are designed to easily catch leads , distributing lead magnets, affiliate marketing and these can be created super fast ,literally in like 5 mins. You can create a super amazing looking landing page in like 5 mins.

Take a look at this for example( I have not fully optimised this page for mobile, preferably open on laptop or desktop) - 21 FREE KETO Recipies

This page I created in a matter of 20mins.


$20 for a year at clickfunnels can’t be refused I’m in for it bro


Lets do this :slight_smile: eagerly waiting for this.

Yeah, sounds dirt cheap, and would be great for learning.

full website with wordpress better and is more easy with elementor and thanks for your help because you help us with templates

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I am interested. Inform me as well thanks!

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i am interested in that

I’m Interested too. Count Me In

im in
i wanna a clickfunnels account

I’m interested as well. Count Me In

Yes please, count me in. 20$ clickfunnels for 1 year is extremely dead cheap!

Interested mail [email protected]

Interested man, i need this